Today is Thursday, April 20th, 2017!


1. Do not abuse ANYONE including unknown users (wikia contributors) You will be blocked OR you will apologize to the user and promise not to do it again.

2. No selling. This is a glitch to other users.

3. If you don’t speak English just tell the founder, Angelinatheballerinapup,and tell us what language you speak and we will translate it for you to English.

4. Don’t be rude on the chat room or we will ban you from chat. Please read our Chat Guidelines

5. No spamming! This includes placing random categories. (E. G. placing "Character" category on a page")

6. No slang on random pages.

7. Don’t rename pages for no reason.

8. Mind your own work. Ask users before you edit their page. We recommend for you to create an account before editing.

9. Don’t change any templates. Admins work really hard to create these great features.

10. Don’t lie to any users.

11. Always check recent blog posts in case there is something important

12. Don't ask to be a chat mod or admin constantly will decide whether you should be trusted or not or if we have enough mods\admins

13. If a user doesn't like the comments you post, don't post them, or they will be deleted. (and no complaining about that your comment was deleted)

14: If someone is upset let them tell u. If u are already upset please go into private message.

15. No nonsense pages that don't reference to animals or hurt animals. These will be taken down by admins

16. No discriminating users just because of their condition. If a user has trouble typing or tells you about a disability, don't make fun of them. Your comment will be taken down, or if you're in chat, you will be banned from chat and blocked from the wiki.

17. Don't argue with administrators.


  • We have added a "date" section to the homepage!
  • Please welcome the user "USS HERO" back to the administrator role!
  • We got a fact of a week!
  • Please welcome the user "Thunderbird1InternationalRescue" to the administrator role!

Birthday Greetings

No Birthdays For Today

Fact of the week:

Did you know?

Polar bear fur is actually clear and not white. It just looks white because a polar bear's coat has two layers of hair: an outer layer, made up of long (5-15cm) guard hairs; and a thick undercoat, made up of shorter hair. These guard hairs are mostly transparent or clear, but thanks to some special characteristics that work to create cool optical tricks, a polar bear's fur appears white.

Alert Codes

If your spot trouble on the chat or the wiki and there is no one around to deal with them, these are codes so when trouble comes we know what we are dealing with before we come on.


Code Red: Every Admin and Mod report to chat 

Code Orange: Use Caution/Hacking has occurred 

Code Dark Gray: Sock is On

Code: Grey Suspicious/Potential Sock puppet 

Code Blue: Multiple Spammers Present 

Code Yellow: Possible Trouble Coming

Code Green: New Users 


Administrators of the Animal and the Helpful tip Wikia





Our Admins and Moderators


X: Strike One-Given a warning.

XX: Strike Two: Blocked for 2 days (and or) banned from chat. 

XXX: Strike Three: Blocked for 1 week (and or) banned from chat 

XXXX: Strike Four: Blocked for 1 month (and or) banned from chat

XXXXX: Strike Five: Blocked for 6 months (and or) banned from chat.

XXXXXX: Strike Six: Blocked and Banned Infinite no matter what.

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