Hello. This is a page from all the admins and chat moderators of the Animal and the Helpful Tip Wiki. These are guidelines that determine why we ban/block you.

Banning from Chat

We kick you from chat as a per-warning before we ban. You get 3 kicks for bad behavior.

We then ban you after your 3 kicks. We ban on the following guidelines

  1. An admin deems it necessary, or a chat moderator deems it necessary
  2. The user targeted is actually causing problems.
  3. A chatting user is deemed to be dangerous
  4. A chatting user is deemed to be a sock puppet
  5. A chatting user is complaining about a past ban/kick
  6. A user is called from a different wiki by a user in our chat room, and is called to cause problems.
  7. An administrator authorizes the ban, and all the administrators and chat moderators in the chat room agree.
  8. Your sibling is causing trouble and we deem it unacceptable (explain it was your sibling and the ban can be lifted early).

These are guidelines we follow before we take any action.

Blocking from the wiki

An administrator must write these guidelines.

Do you respect these guidelines (MUST VOTE)

The poll was created at 17:52 on November 3, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

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