Hi, this dog has been running scared in West Vancouver and will not let anyone get within 10 feet of him/her.  Seen on Feb 6/2015 around 2 p.m. Almost hit by cars a few times. The dog was running west along railway tracks in lower Caulfeild, then turned north up The Dale and started running west on Keith Rd. from the Dale.  Lost sight of him several blocks up Keith Road from the Dale. Very skittish and another lady trying to catch him said he ran quite a ways east to west along Marine Drive to the Dale Black and white large Great Dane (?) type looking dog with a large pink collar – so I am thinking it’s a she. Sighter was asked to contact animal control.


I just came from Holland Park in Surrey and a black chow mix is running around loose. Animal control was called and tried to catch it unsuccessfully. It was fighting with another loose pit bull in the park and the pit bull was caught, but the chow mix is still on the loose. It looked well groomed like somebody’s pet. The dog is friendly but wont let you catch it.

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