This is what you do if you lost your pet

1.      Call your local animal control or policeto alert them of your missing pet and inquire if any stray animals have been picked up matching your pet's description.  Leave your contact information.

2.      Take a walk.  Sweep the area on foot that your pet was last seen.  Be sure to talk to neighboors, mail carriers or others working in the area about your lost pet. Take at least one walk daily.

3.      Post flyers. create a flyer for your lost pet that you can post, with permission, in as many local businesses as possible.  You will need a clear, recent photo of your pet. Include your phone number(s).  Adding a reward can be helpful.

4.     Leave food and water and something familiar (such as a blanket, bed or favorite toy) outside near your door. Animals may return on their own when no one is home, and having food, water and something familiar may encourage them to stay in the area.

5.    Visit in person your local animal shelters, daily. There are most likely several facilities in your area that could have your pet.  Start with the facility that is legally responsible for holding strays in your area (usually, but not always, this is an animal control shelter). Then visit other nearby facilities as well.

6.    Post your information online using our online Lost/Found tool, dubbed the ePole. You can upload a photo and provide the location of where your pet was last seen. If you have found a lost pet, you can post this information in our "Found" pet section. Remember to include your contact information, a description of the animal and the location the pet was lost or found near.

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